Why are my valid dependency lines appearing red?

This is likely a formatting issue caused by using your browser's zoom feature (rather than the Zoom drop-down in TeamGantt). 

Setting your browser zoom to something other than 100% can cause a series of formatting issues that make your  gantt chart look kinda wonky. For example, your project's % CompletePeople Assigned, or Estimated Hours columns may appear misaligned or even on the wrong row.

Here's an example of what it looks like when the browser zoom is set to 110%, causing a valid dependency to appear red.

The good news is, it's an easy fix! 

  1. Simply change your browser zoom back to 100%.
  2. Then refresh the page. 

Now, any valid dependency lines should show up as gray instead of red on your gantt chart, giving you an accurate picture of your project dependencies. 

How do I zoom in on my project without affecting dependencies?

We want your gantt chart to look pretty and function well for you. That's why we always suggest keeping your browser zoom set to 100% and using TeamGantt's handy Zoom tool to zoom in for a closer look at your gantt chart.

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