Google Calendar

One of the neat features of TeamGantt is that you can plan your project in TeamGantt and then have the tasks displayed in Google Calendar. This has been a very popular feature and is easy to setup.

1) Open the Calendar Feed Page
From inside a project, you can click Menu -> Calendar Feed.

2) Adjust Settings
You can then pick your settings for what you want to see in your calendar. By default you will see just the tasks that are assigned to you that you have not completed yet. You can click "More Options" for additional settings.

3) Get Link
Once you have your calendar configured, you can then click "Get Link for Google Calendar". Then Copy and Paste the link.

4) Add Link to Google Calendar
Open your Google Calendar and click down arrow to the right of "Other Calendars". Then select "Add by URL". Paste the link that you copied from TeamGantt into here.

You are all set! Google automatically refreshes the calendar every few hours.

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