Product Updates

What's new in TeamGantt?

Check out our latest releases—including new features, enhancements, and fixes—below.

11/09/20 Update

New + Improved

  • New: A new checkout page design has been implemented, and it looks snazzy! But it should also help bring more clarity to pricing and discounts, compared to its predecessor.
  • New: Advanced filtering and searching is now available in all Calendar views. The Calendar view located in My Tasks and project Calendar view have been updated to use the same filter menu as Board view and List view. The filter options include people, dates, and colors. 

  • New: [Mobile] Users will now be notified when their device is offline. 
  • New: View and control the position of all cards that are connected to a task directly from the task’s edit window. (Note: This is only available to current boards beta users). 


  • Fixed: An issue where users with Update Their Progress permission are unable to update progress on their tasks. 
  • Fixed: [Trello Power-Up] An issue where choosing a project to auto-sync to in the initial signup does not work.  
  • Fixed: An issue in Safari where search options are hidden while searching for resources to add via the People page. 
  • Fixed: [Mobile] An issue where scrolling the Calendar view can cause dates to jump. 

10/12/20 Update

New + Improved

  • New: Users with Update Their Progress and View Only permission can now remove their uploaded documents when using the mobile app.
  • New: Users can now filter by project in custom Boards and List view (if multiple projects are open).


  • Fixed: Any project user can now delete a file they uploaded. Previously, only users with Admin or Edit Chart permission could do so.