Creating a project in TeamGantt and syncing with Basecamp 2

Syncing a TeamGantt project (from TeamGantt) with Basecamp 2 at the time of creation

It is now possible to create a new project in TeamGantt and sync the project with Basecamp 2 all in one step! To do so, go to: Create New Project -> Create New Project. 

From there, name your project and select your team’s account from the “Basecamp” drop down. 

(Please note: Your team’s Basecamp information will look different than ours!)

Select “Save New Project” and you’re all set!

Syncing an existing TeamGantt project with Basecamp 2

If you created a project in TeamGantt and wish to sync with Basecamp 2, please follow these steps:

1) Create a new blank project in Basecamp 2 and sync it with TeamGantt. This will create a blank project in TeamGantt.

2) Open your existing project (the TeamGantt project you wish to transfer to Basecamp 2) and the newly created blank project in TeamGantt (at the same time).

(The below shows your projects prior to moving any information. Please note: the top project is the “new” or “blank” project recently synced with Basecamp and the bottom project is the project in TeamGantt you wish you sync with Basecamp 2).

3) Take the tasks from the "old" project and drag and drop them into the newly created/synced project by moving tasks individually or groups together. The data moved into the newly synced TeamGantt project will now appear in Basecamp 2!

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