Importing users from Basecamp 2 to TeamGantt

For the sync between TeamGantt and Basecamp 2 to work properly, all users from Basecamp 2 should be imported to TeamGantt. This can easily be done at the time of establishing the sync. 

For information on how to establish the sync between Basecamp 2 and TeamGantt, please visit  Establishing sync with Basecamp.

As part of the import, you will want to make sure you are syncing your Basecamp project to the right TeamGantt account. This is also the place in TeamGantt where you can set the project level permissions for your users. (The default is always “can edit chart”).

Select “Import project” and your Basecamp 2 project will sync with TeamGantt with all of the appropriate users. You’re ready to start making changes in TeamGantt or in Basecamp 2!

Please note: Importing a user from Basecamp 2 to TeamGantt is inviting a user to TeamGantt. The import process will result in the new TeamGantt user receiving an invitation email.

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