Update your billing information

You can change your credit/debit card information at any time when necessary. There are two secure ways to do so:

  1. One of the Account Holders can go to Account Settings to change the credit card information. 
  2. You can call us at 1-888-417-9380 Monday-Friday 9 am to 7pm ET.

Access (and edit) company invoices

For your convenience, invoices are available online to the Account Holder at anytime. To access, simply log in to TeamGantt and go to Account Settings > Invoices and a list of all invoices will appear. 

To add information to the invoice, the Account Holder can go to Account settings > Company Details. Located under “Additional Billing Information” is the option to add contact information or notes to an invoice. 

Update who receives your team's e-receipts

To update who receives your team's e-receipts, please email billing@teamgantt.com. Our system can currently accommodate one email address at a time. Currently e-receipt recipients cannot be adjusted from within the application.

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