Establishing sync with Basecamp 2


One of the many features and benefits of TeamGantt is its ability to integrate and sync your gantt chart with your Basecamp 2 projects. This integration enables you to easily transfer projects and information from the Basecamp "To-dos" format to the gantt chart in TeamGantt. Once integrated, "To-dos" in Basecamp 2 will automatically update as you add, remove and reschedule tasks in TeamGantt. Similarly, "To-dos" added in Basecamp 2 will appear in TeamGantt.

For an overview of the Basecamp 2/TeamGantt integration, please visit:

(Please note: TeamGantt integrates with Basecamp 2 and does not integrate with Basecamp Classic, Basecamp 3 or other programs).


To Integrate your Basecamp 2 account with TeamGantt, you will need to do the following: Log into TeamGantt and go to: Admin> Link your Basecamp projects to TeamGantt.

If you are not already logged into your Basecamp account, you will be prompted to log in:

Once you are logged into Basecamp, you will need to allow TeamGantt to access your Basecamp 2 account:

After allowing access go to: Admin>Manage Integrations.
Select which Basecamp projects you wish to sync with TeamGantt and select the information you wish to integrate.


You must be an account holder or advanced user in TeamGantt for this functionality to work properly.

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