Invite people (users) to your project

TeamGantt allows you to invite and collaborate with others on your projects. 

Each person invited to your project will count as a user within your account, regardless of his/her account and project level permission. 

Watch this video to learn more about inviting people to your projects:

As the project Admin, you have two ways to invite new users to your projects:

1) Open the project to which you wish to invite people and click Menu → Manage People and Resources.

2) Click the “People” or “Invite Others” tab at the top of your project.

From here, select the blue “Add/Manage People” button at the bottom of your project members list. 

Enter the new user’s name and email address. He/she will receive an email with a link to the project.

For more information about setting project level permissions, please visit:  Permissions

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