Account and Project Level Permissions

There are 2 tiers of permissions in TeamGantt:

1) Account Level - This permission occurs at the account, or company, level and cover things such as being able to create projects, edit billing information, etc.

  • Account Holder: Account holders can add and remove users and resources from the account, adjust billing information and access invoices, create new projects, and view/access all projects within the account.
  • Advanced User: These users can create new projects. However, they cannot remove users/resources from the account. Advanced users can only access projects to which they are invited.
  • Basic User: Cannot create new projects or remove users and resources from the account. Basic users can only access projects to which they are invited.

Tip: To edit account-level permissions, the Account Holder(s) can log in and go to Account Settings > Manage Users.

2) Project Level - This permission is set every time someone is invited to a project. This enables the team to set different permissions for each user per project.

  • View Only - Users cannot make changes to the chart. However, they can upload files and comment on tasks.
  • Update Their Progress - Users cannot edit the chart except to update the % complete column of tasks that are assigned to them.
  • Edit Chart - Users can update and edit the chart.
  • Admin - All of the above, plus they can invite users, remove users, edit project settings, and delete the project.

When inviting users to a project, the default project level permission is Edit Chart (for Advanced Users) or View Only (for Basic Users). To change project-level permissions, the Admin(s) can open the project, select the People tab, and click the associated link under "Permission on this Project":

Tip: This is also the place where a user can be removed from a project

For more information regarding how to manage account users, please visit our Manage users support page.

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