How to adjust the view of your project

Found under the “View” drop down, use virtually any combination of these options to customize the display of your projects:

1. Task Names in Bars - Choosing this option will show the name of the task within the task bar on the schedule view

2.  Task Names Next to Bars - Choosing this option will show the task name next to the task bars on the schedule view

3. Resource Names Next to Bars - Choosing this option will display to whom a task has been assigned

4. Assigned Hours Next to Resource Name - In addition to showing task assignment, this option will show how many hours per day the task is expected to take to complete

5. Zoom - Located under the view drop down, or in the top right of the chart (drop down labeled Zoom), you can choose to view your project by day or by week.

6.  Date Format - Choose from any of the options shown below

7. Font Size - Prefer larger text or smaller? Adjust the font size of your project to suit your needs/personal preference.

8. Hiding or showing columns - You can choose to display or hide the columns for Estimated Hours, Actual Hours, People Assigned and Percent Complete. Learn more about hourly estimation. 

Tip: If you've just made changes to your Gantt chart's view yet it doesn't automatically reflect them, refresh the page and see if the Gantt chart is displaying the right view settings now.

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