Dependencies in a gantt chart can be helpful when you have a project requiring tasks to be done in a certain order. For example, if the task "Build Bike" needs to be completed before task "Ride Bike" can start, you would say task "Ride Bike" is dependent on task "Build Bike”. Currently, TeamGantt only supports finish-to-start dependencies as outlined below. 

How to Create a Dependency

1) It is very easy to use dependencies in TeamGantt. All you have to do is click the dot just outside of "Build Bike" and drag to "Ride Bike".

2) After you drag the line, the dependency should look like this:

3) If the dependency is red that indicates that there is a violation. This means that a task is scheduled to start before the previous task ends. In the below example, you could fix this by dragging the task "Ride Bike" one day to the right. This would then have "Ride Bike" starting right after "Build Bike" and the line would turn gray again.

Are your valid dependencies appearing red? See this article for helpful tips!

Establishing Dependencies Between Multiple Tasks

Using hot keys, it is possible to add dependencies between multiple tasks at the same time.

1) Start by holding shift and selecting the desired tasks

2) Then click Shift+D to connect all the tasks together with dependencies

How to Delete a Dependency

There are two ways you can delete dependencies between tasks. 

1)  From Edit Mode: You can double-click on a task bar to open the edit window. You will see a list of all dependencies at the bottom of this window. You can click the (x) icon to delete a dependency.

2)  From the Gantt Chart: Hover your cursor over the dependency line you wish to delete. Click on the black dot that signifies the dependency, and click the (x) icon to delete it. 

Watch this video to learn more about dependencies:

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