Duplicate a group of tasks

Does your project require the same group of tasks scheduled across the timeline? Do you need to duplicate and move a group of tasks from one project to another? 

On TeamGantt, it's easy to duplicate a group of tasks for these purposes. There are two ways to do so:

Option #1: Hover your cursor over the group and click the down arrow button to the right of the group name. 

Option #2: Right-click on the group's name to get the drop down menu to appear.

From there, select Duplicate from the menu. This will create a copy of the group of tasks to appear directly below the original.

How to copy and move a group of tasks from one project to another

To move a newly duplicated group of tasks from one project to another, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Duplicate the task group using either of the two options above. 
  2. Go to Menu > Open Projects and select the project you'd like to move the task group to. This opens the second project within the same chart of the original project. Read more on how to open and view multiple projects at once
  3. Click and drag the duplicated task group while scrolling down to the second project. Drop the task group to its intended position. 

And you're done!

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