Time Tracking (Available in Advanced Plans)

Tracking Time (For all users)

TeamGantt now takes the guess work out of tracking the amount of time you spend working on a task. At the start of each day, or the start of a new task, we suggest going “My tasks” located on the lefthand toolbar. On the daily option, you will see your tasks for the current day. 

When you begin your first task for the day, click “Track time”. In the below example, TeamGantt will begin tracking the time spent on Task 1 when the timer is enabled. The timer will continue to record the time spent on Task 1 until “Stop timer” is selected. 

Stopping the timer will automatically log the time you spent on your task to your timesheet.

Tip: This is also central location that allows you to change the %complete, add comments or make other changes to your tasks.

To manually complete your timesheet, click “Time sheet” on the left hand toolbar.

From here, you will be taken to a screen that shows tasks assigned to you for the current week. Then find the correct day for your task and enter in the hours you worked on the task. 

In the below example, four hours were spent on Task 1 and two hours were spent on Task 4 on Monday, March 14. 

For your convenience, you can access the start/stop feature from a variety of places within TeamGantt. To do so, hover over the desired task from your task list, the schedule view, your timesheet, or the list view and click the stop watch icon to the left of the task. 

A details screen, like in the picture below, will open allowing you to access the timer. You can also use this details screen to manually enter in the time you spent on a task.

Reporting for Time Tracking (For account holders)

*To generate reports for an individual or your team, the account holder can access “Reports” from the lefthand toolbar. Then click on “Time Tracking”.

From here, you will be given the opportunity to customize the report you need. You can filter by date range, person or by project (or both). Simply enter in the desired parameters from the drop down menus located at the top of the screen (highlighted in the box). Once your parameters are set, click “update report” to get hourly totals for your team.

You can also download your report by clicking “Download CSV”.

Need additional types of reporting? Please email us at support@teamgantt.com to tell us what type of reporting would be helpful for you and your team.

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