Mark a project as On-Hold or Complete

When a project is finished, you may wish to mark it as complete, which will archive it for future use. If a project is stalled or postponed, it may make sense to place it “on hold” to temporarily stop daily communications until activity on the project has once again resumed. 

As the Admin of the project, there are two ways to change the status of your project. 

Method #1: From the Dashboard

When viewing your projects on your homepage, there is a drop down option to the right of each project name. 

The project admin can choose the drop down to the corresponding project and the option to change the status of the project will appear.

Method #2: From Inside the Project

As the project admin, to change the status from within the project, simply go to: Menu → Project Settings → Status. 

A drop down menu allows you to choose from Active, On Hold, or Completed.

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