My preferences (For dependencies and hourly estimation)

From the “Menu” drop down within your project, “my preferences” will allow you to make customizations for dependencies and/or hourly estimation. 

My Preferences for Dependencies

Add tasks directly below above task

Box checked: A new task will generate with the same duration as the task above it. (When hourly scheduling is not enabled).

Box unchecked: A new task will generate with a duration of one week, starting on the next day after the task above it. (When hourly scheduling is  not enabled).

Please note: If hourly scheduling is enabled, all tasks are added without dates.

Re-draw dependencies on drag

This functionality is disabled and will be removed from the menu in the future. 

Remove Slack When Dragging

When checked, this option eliminates any slack space between dependent tasks as the parent task is moved.

My Preferences for Hourly Scheduling

Hourly Scheduling

When estimated hours are enabled, this setting allows you to choose whether or not the total number of hours will increase when you increase the duration of a task.

For more information on hourly estimation, please visit  here.

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