Email Updates

TeamGantt provides a variety of email notifications to keep project participants up to date. These notifications encompass everything from project invitations to changes made to a task’s date and user/resource assignment.

Daily Summary Email

One email is sent out daily to each user letting him/her know what tasks he/she has in progress as well as a summary of what happened yesterday across all projects. This is an excellent way to keep people current on the project.

Below is a sample of the daily email. You can customize what is in the email by going to Admin->Project Notifications.

Tip: Work with a bunch of early birds or night owls? The Account Holder can customize when daily emails are sent by going to: Admin > Account Settings > Edit Profile > Send daily email at > (Choose specific time).

Turning off Project Summary Notifications

To turn off daily summary email notifications for the entire account, the account holder can go to: Admin -> Company Details. From there, choose: Daily emails: Disable.

Suspending other email Notifications

To temporarily stop task update/project change notification emails, simply change the project status from “active” to “on hold”. Email updates, with the exception of project invitations, will be suspended until the project is moved back to “active” status. 

For more information on how to change the status of your project, please visit:  Changing the status of a project 

Unsubscribing from Notifications

To receive fewer communications, users can unsubscribe from the various updates. After receiving an update, select “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email to stop receiving that type of update. 

Alternatively, you can email for help adjusting which notifications you wish to receive and which you do not.

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