Sharing your project with non TeamGantt users

Looking for a fast and easy way to share your project(s) with others? From the dashboard, open the project or projects you wish to share. Located at the bottom left, along with other quick links, are two options for sharing your project(s) with others:

* Invite People: This will send an email invitation and invite someone to become a user of the project

For more information on inviting others to your projects, please visit:  Inviting People

* Copy Link to Chart: This will provide you with a personalized URL to share your project(s) with non TeamGantt users. This option will not invite the recipient to become a user of the project/account.

For information on available options to customize your URL, please visit:  Embedding your projects

Want to tell others about TeamGantt? You can also share TeamGantt on Facebook or Twitter using this quick link as well!

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