Baselines (Planned vs. Actual Timeline)

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Ever plan a project, fall behind, and wonder, “How did we get off track?” A baseline is a quick snapshot of the project at a given point in time, and TeamGantt’s baseline feature enables you to create as many sets as you need to monitor the progress of your project. 

To create a new baseline set: Open the project (or projects), click Menu > Baselines > Create New Baseline Set

This will save a snapshot of the project (tasks and their start/end dates) that can then be viewed simply by clicking the checkbox in the baseline list. 

Below shows a picture of a project with added baselines:

Use baselines to compare your original timeline projections with the actual timeline of the project. This will help you determine which tasks performed on time, ahead of schedule or delayed.

Tip: Load multiple baseline sets simultaneously to see how well your planning and execution are. Learn from past experiences and you’re on your way to better, more efficient project scheduling and project management.

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