How to add a company holiday

Managing your company's holidays is an important part of scheduling tasks. 

TeamGantt allows you to add company holidays, off-days, and/or closures to your Gantt chart to prevent scheduling tasks on days when you and your team are unavailable. 

Account Holders are able to indicate company-wide closures and/or holidays, by going to: Admin > Account Settings > Manage Holidays

If the closure/holiday reoccurs on the same day each year, you have the option to select "repeats each year".

To eliminate the possibility of unintentionally or erroneously scheduling tasks on days the company is closed, your chart will default to hiding company holidays. To show holidays in your project, go to Menu > Project Settings and choose: Holidays > Show from the drop down menu.

Tasks scheduled on holidays before they are designed as holidays (and hidden from the calendar) will appear on the last available, visible day.

Tip: To indicate a specific user or resource is out of the office, we recommend creating a task on the specific day(s) the user/resource is unavailable and marking it as “OOTO” or “PTO” or “unavailable”. For additional awareness, it is possible to use a specific task color for this function.  

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