Communicate on Your Tasks with Comments

TeamGantt does more than just project scheduling. It’s a collaborative platform that allows you to keep all of your files and conversations in one place, right where you need them. Watch this quick video to get a little tour.

Leveraging Comments

Comments can be used to keep relevant task or project related communications easily accessible and in one place. The comments section is also a great place to share links to Google Docs or Drop Box.

Notifying your team

When adding a comment, you can choose to notify others. To notify all project participants, begin your comment with @project. To notify only users assigned to the task, begin your comment with @assigned

To further customize notification receipients, select the user's name from the "want to notify anyone" drop down list, or begin your comment with @username. You can notify as many or as few people as you need!

Leveraging Notes

For important comments/project highlights, consider adding a task note. Each task contains a single note that can be used for general, high level notes or adding a URL. The note is "pinned" to the top of each comment thread. 

Notes can be accessed by clicking the comment bubble next to the project title or task name or by double clicking a task bar in the gantt chart to open the task detail window.

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