Open and view multiple projects at once

You can open multiple projects in the same gantt chart. This can be very useful when two projects may depend on each other or if you are trying to manage people's availability across multiple projects.

Below three ways to open and view multiple projects at once.

Option #1: My Projects Page

Click on My Projects from the sidebar menu. Under the My Active Projects list, check the boxes to the left of a project's name. When done, click the Open Multiple Projects button at the bottom of the page.

Option #2: The Sidebar Menu

Open the sidebar menu where your Active Projects list are located. Click on the select multiple link and select the projects you want to open by ticking the boxes to the left of the project's name. Once done, click on the open selected projects link. This will open the selected projects in a new Gantt chart.

Option #3: From the Menu

While inside a project, you can open additional projects by going to Menu > Open Projects. With this method, you have the option to open on-hold and completed projects as well. Select the projects you want to open, and TeamGantt automatically opens them on the Gantt chart. 

Tip: The order in which the project is selected is the order that they will appear in the Gantt chart. 

Having trouble opening multiple projects on TeamGantt? Shoot us an email at and we'll be able to help! 

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