Bookmark a Page

Do you have a specific project or view you really like? Or do you find yourself applying the same filters each time you open a project? 

Bookmark a page

This is a great opportunity to save your preferences as a bookmark. With this, you can create a custom view on one (or all) of your projects.

To create a bookmark, first apply your preferred settings to your project (more on filtering here). Then:

1. Click on the profile icon at the upper right corner of TeamGantt. 

2. Select Bookmark Page

Once you create your bookmark, it will show up on your bookmark list which is always accessible from your profile icon. You can create as many bookmarks as you like. 

You can remove your bookmarks by hovering your cursor over the bookmark name and clicking the small "x" to the right. 

Note: Bookmarks are user, not account, specific. 

Set a new homepage

The My Projects tab is the default homepage for all TeamGantt accounts. However, if you would like to set another tab, or even a project, as your homepage, you can do so from your profile icon:

The My Tasks tab is a popular option. Open up your account and see exactly what you need to be working on!

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