Organize your Projects

By default, projects on the TeamGantt dashboard are listed in alpha-numeric order. 

To prioritize a project, or bring it to the top of the list, simply hover over the project name and a star will appear. Click the star and the selected project will move to the top of your project list.

If you choose to “star” more than one project, the starred projects will appear in alpha-numeric order followed by the remaining un-starred projects in alpha-numeric order. 

Re-ordering more than One Project

For times when viewing your projects from A-Z is not desired, or when you wish to prioritize more than one project, it is possible to get creative with the naming conventions to customize your project view from your homepage.

1) Organize Numerically

If we wish to list the projects in the order in which they occur, we can use numbers to rearrange the projects on the TeamGantt dashboard as shown below:

TeamGantt organizes numbering digit by digit, not by whole number. For example, if you wish to indicate the number of participants in the project name (and the stated figures are: “108”, “17”, and “255”), they will be sorted like this:

2) Organize by Project Groups

By giving your projects similar names, your dashboard can also be organized by project events or groups as shown below:

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