Portfolio View

Portfolio view makes it easy to keep tabs on all the projects you manage from a single, centralized hub. Organize projects into folders—by team, department, client, project owner, quarter, and more—and regularly check project health to identify potential delays or roadblocks early.

Accessing Portfolio view

Portfolio view is available to any user on our Pro and Unlimited plans. To access it, simply click Portfolio in the sidebar menu. It’s listed as the first option after the search field.

Really digging Portfolio view for managing your projects? You can set this view as your new homepage. Here’s how


How do folders work?

Portfolio view features both your active projects and custom boards and automatically organizes them into the following default folders: 

  • Favorites
  • Custom Boards
  • Projects

These catch-all folders hold everything that hasn’t been moved into a custom folder yet. 

To move a board or project to a different folder, simply drag and drop the item from one folder to another. It’s that easy!

Within a folder, everything is grouped by type, then sorted alphabetically. Favorite (starred) boards or projects will float to the top of the list, followed by any boards that exist in the folder, and, finally, projects. 

Who can view and use my folders?

Creating a new folder adds it at the account level. This means everyone in your TeamGantt account will be able to see the folder in Portfolio view. However, users will only be able to see the boards or projects they’ve been invited to within each folder.

For instance, if a folder has 3 projects in it and the user has only been invited to 1 of them, they’ll only see that 1 project.

Bonus: Account holders can view and join projects they're currently not a part of directly from Portfolio view.  

How do I create a new folder?

Click the big blue plus (+) icon at the upper left of Portfolio view, and select New Folder. (You can also choose to create a new project or a new custom board here.) 

Selecting the New Folder option will guide you through a quick wizard. Simply indicate which account you’d like to add your new folder to (if you’re a user on multiple accounts), and give your new folder a name. And voilà!

Note: Every folder must have its own unique name within your company account. For instance, you can’t have 2 folders called “Important Projects” in the same account. This helps prevent confusion if multiple people create folders in your account.

Portfolio health

Good news! You can see Project Health Report data directly from Portfolio view! This enables you to quickly assess how a project is tracking and identify issues early to mitigate risk.

Learn more about how TeamGantt’s Project Health Report works


Star your favorite projects, boards, and even entire folders to keep them at the top of your list in Portfolio view. Favorites are specific to you, so feel free to star as many items as you want. 

When you favorite a project or a board, it will appear as a favorite everywhere in your user account—such as the sidebar menu and your My Projects page.


Project status

Portfolio will always load with active projects displayed. However, you can use the status drop-down at the top of the page to toggle to the On Hold or Complete projects in your folders. 

Filter menu

Show empty folders

This filter allows you to hide empty folders in your Portfolio. You may want to use this option if you're a user who doesn't have access to any projects in one or more folders.

Show projects I’m not on

This filter allows you to hide projects you aren’t invited to across all of your folders so you can focus only on the projects that matter to you. 


This option allows you to filter your Portfolio view by company if you’re a user on multiple TeamGantt accounts. That way you can get clearer insight into the work for each account. And don’t worry: You can adjust your company filters anytime. 

With the exception of the status filter (which is always set to Active), all filter preferences are specific to you and will be remembered the next time you log in. 

Managing folders

Collapsing folders

Collapsing folders is an easy way to make your Portfolio view super-scannable. To collapse a folder, click the downward arrow that appears to the left of the folder name.

Additional folder actions

You have a few more options available for managing folders in your Portfolio view. Here’s a rundown of the icons that appear on the upper right side of each custom folder.

Create new (‘+’ icon):

Clicking the ‘+’ icon enables you to choose from the following options:

  • Create a new project in this folder
  • Create a new board in this folder

Favorite (star icon): 

Selecting the star icon adds the entire folder to your Favorites so it’s one of the first folders you see on your portfolio list.

If you favorite multiple folders, they’ll be sorted alphabetically at the top of your portfolio.

Open all (arrow icon): 

Clicking the icon with a square and upward arrow will open all the projects in that folder in a single gantt chart view. 

This is handy if you want to take a look at all the related projects (e.g., for a client or team) at the same time. 

3-dot menu: 

The 3-dot icon enables you to perform any of the actions above, with the additional options of renaming or deleting the folder. Simply click on the 3 dots to open up the menu. 

Note: Deleting a folder simply unfolders the projects in it. They’ll go back to the default Projects folder. You can choose to add them to a new folder in the future if you’d like.

Managing projects/boards in Portfolio view

Open project(s)

To open a project or board from Portfolio view, simply click on its name. 

Boards can only be opened one at a time (either by selecting the board’s name or the board icon that appears next to the board’s name). 

However, multiple projects can be opened at once by selecting the checkbox next to each project name and then clicking the Open selected projects button that appears at the bottom of your window. 

Checked multiple projects by mistake? Click the Clear selection option to clear all checkboxes, or simply uncheck any individual projects you don’t want to open. 

Favorite (star icon): 

Favorite the projects and boards you use the most by clicking the star icon that appears on the far right side of the listing. Once favorited, the board or project will float to the starred section at the top of its current folder. It will also be added to the Favorites folder at the top of your portfolio for easy access. 


  • Favorites are specific to you, so don’t worry about starring things freely! 
  • When you favorite a project or board, it will appear as a favorite everywhere in your account—such as the sidebar menu and your My Projects page.

3-dot menu: 

Clicking the 3-dot icon to the right of a project or board will give you some additional menu options. Let’s walk through the menu options you’ll see for projects and boards in your portfolio.

For projects

  • View summary: This option takes you to a dashboard where you can see all the project basics, like number of tasks, people invited, recent discussions, and more. 
  • View schedule: This option opens your project in Gantt view. 
  • View list: This option opens your project in List view. 
  • Leave project: This option allows you to remove yourself from the project. 
  • Delete project (Admin only): This option deletes the project from your account. 
For boards

  • View board: This option opens your board. 
  • Leave board: This option allows you to remove yourself from the board.
  • Close board (Admin only): This option deletes the board from your account. 

Adding projects and boards to a folder outside Portfolio view

There are a couple of ways to add projects and boards to folders in your portfolio from other places in TeamGantt. Here’s how:

From your project or board settings: 

In a project, you can access settings by going to Menu > Project Settings. Then, choose a folder from the Folder drop-down menu in the right column of the window.

In a board, you can access settings by going to Menu > Edit Board. Then, select a folder option from the Folder drop-down menu. 

Note: These options only show up if you’re an Admin on the project or board. 

When creating a new project or board:

When creating a new project or custom board, choose a folder from the Folder drop-down menu to add it to that folder in your portfolio. 

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