Do you have a process you use again and again? Or do you find yourself consistently duplicating the same project? Maybe many of your projects have similar key elements but just need minor changes. 

Creating a project you use as a template can save you a lot of time! A template can be used multiple times so you do not have to start from scratch when designing a new project. It's also a great way to duplicate a project.

Here is how you can make a project a template:

1) Open the project
2) Go to: Menu > Save as Template

Next time you create a project you will be able to use this template by going to: 

1. Home 
2. + New project 
3. Create new project 

From the create new project screen, you will want to:

1. Name your project
2. Select the template you wish to use from the dropdown
3. Choose who to invite 
4. Choose your start date
5. Decide whether or not to import existing notes and comments from the “original” project
6. Choose to sync or not sync with Basecamp
7. Select the days of the week your project is active
8. Save!

You’re all set!

Can you edit or delete a template?

A template is connected to the project it is saved from. To edit or delete a template, you simply need to edit or delete the project that it was created from. 

Tip: Creating a template creates a project within the account. Templates in “active" or "on hold" status will count toward your allowed plan totals. By changing the status of your template to “completed", the template will not count toward your total active projects and can still be used for new projects.

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