How can I save my data?

TeamGantt automatically saves changes to your project schedule as you go.  Each time you make a change (add/reschedule a task or update percent complete, etc.), your data is automatically saved. We understand how important your project information is to you, so we run an automated back up of your account content every four hours, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For a nominal fee, this allows us to restore project information in the event of significant loss or error. 

For information on project restoration fees, please email

If you still want to have an in-house back up of your project information, you can export your project to PDF or CSV. To export your project, simply go to: Menu>Print/Export PDF or Menu>Export CSV. An exported CSV can be re-imported at anytime.

For information on importing a CSV to TeamGantt, please visit:  Importing your CSV

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