Basecamp 2 Errors and Resolutions

Re-authenticating TeamGantt/Basecamp 2 Sync

A number of factors can affect the TeamGantt/Basecamp 2 sync. If this happens, you will receive a pop up message like the one below. It’s important to avoid making any changes to your project in TeamGantt until the sync is re-authenticated. To re-authenticate the sync, the person who originally established the integration will want to do the following in TeamGantt: 

User Icon > Account Settings > Manage Basecamp Projects > Re-Authenticate with Basecamp

This will resolve your issue immediately.

Update notifications coming from the wrong person

Is John making updates to your project, but the email notification comes from Jane? There is a quick and simple way to resolve this immediately and permanently. Simply have each member of your team log into TeamGantt and go to: Admin>Manage Basecamp Projects>Re-authenticate with Basecamp 2. You’re all set!

If this does not resolve your issue immediately, please email for further assistance. 

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