Import an Existing Project via CSV

This is a great way to get a project started if you already have data in another application or spreadsheet that you would like to move into TeamGantt.

To import a CSV, simply click the "New Project" button in the top right of your home page. You will then see a link to "Import a CSV". Click that link to begin the process.

You can then pick your .csv file to upload. Once it has been uploaded, you can then match the columns to the corresponding TeamGantt fields by selecting a field in the drop down at the top of each column (green row). 

Please note, dates must be entered in the format mm/dd/yyyy for the file to upload correctly. Using any other format (dd/mm/yyyy for example), will cause the file to reject.

There are two strategies to importing CSV files into TeamGantt:

1) Simple - You can create a basic list of task names and their start dates and end dates and import them into TeamGantt. You can also add a group name to each row of your CSV if you like. See example below:

2) Use Work Breakdown Structure Format - This is a little more complicated but is also more powerful if current application or spreadsheet uses WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) as a format when exporting to CSV. This allows you to specify sub groups and task predecessors. For more information WBS see this link here. Scroll down to "Coding scheme" for an example.
Here is an example of a WBS CSV being imported:

Tip: Adding Colors

Looking to import colors with your tasks? Use this breakdown:

blue2 - Basic Blue
green1 - Golfer's Green
purple1 - Productive Purple
red1 - Rosy Red
orange - Operation Orange
blue1 - Blueberry
grey1 - Get it Done Grey
yellow1 - Mustard

blue3 - Blissful Blue
magenta1 - Magnifying Magenta
pink1 - Pretty Pink
green2 - Great Green
purple2 - Prolific Purple
orange2 - Outstanding Orange
brown1 - Beneficial Brown
green3 - Gainful Green

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