Task Colors

Task colors enable you to distinguish tasks from one another. For example, research-based tasks can be labeled as green, while admin tasks are labeled as blue.

In this article, you'll learn how to assign and change task colors for better organization within your project. 

Changing a Task Color

There are 16 task colors from which to choose. To change a color, simply hover over a task and click the color picker that appears to the right of the task bar. 

You can change the color of multiple tasks as well. Simply hover your cursor over the task group line and click the color picker that appears to the right to change the color. This saves you plenty of time from changing task colors one by one. 

Please note: While it is possible to change the colors of your tasks, it is not possible to change the color of a milestone.

Assigning a Task Color to a Member or Resource 

You can click on the People tab at the top of your project to set a default color for each person on your team.  

Once you do this, each task you assign to that person or resource will automatically become the color you selected. You have the option to assign the color for previously created tasks and future tasks, or future tasks only. 

If more than one person is assigned to a task, whoever is last assigned to the task will determine the color of the task bar.  You can still manually change the color of the task as well if you desire.

Please note: Selecting a task color from the people tab will only change tasks within the selected project. 

Filter by Color

And if you want want to view color-specific information from your chart, you can also filter the information by color from the Colors drop down menu. Learn more about filters on TeamGantt. 

Please note: It is not possible to change the name of the color at this time.

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