Create tasks for your project

Ready to start adding tasks to your project? Watch this quick video where Jason shows you a few tricks for adding tasks:

Adding tasks in TeamGantt is simple. You have three options for doing this:

1) You can hover your mouse over the left side of the screen. You will see three options under each group for adding a task, milestone, or a group. Simply click one to add your new item.

2) You can also add new tasks by hovering over a row and clicking the down arrow to the right of the task name. You will then see a menu where you can add a task below.

3) Using hot keys: 

For Macs: Hit Command+Enter and new task will be created directly under the group or task over which you are hovered.

For Windows: Hit Control+Enter.

After adding a task, hit Enter. The task you just added will automatically save, and a new task bar will appear under it. 

When you are finished adding your tasks, simply hit the Escape key to stop adding new tasks. 

Tasks added quickly will be created without task bars. After entering a series of tasks, schedule your tasks onto the Gantt chart by assigning the appropriate start and end dates. 

Tip: Using Command+Shift+Enter (macOS) or Control+Shift+Enter (Windows) will add a milestone in lieu of a task.

Add a new group of tasks to your project

Need a new group of tasks for your project? Hover over the last task in your task list. The option to add a new task, milestone or group of tasks will appear. Click “Group of Tasks” and you’re all set!

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