As your project grows, you may want to adjust your view to see certain tasks. This is a great time to use TeamGantt filters located at the top of your project.

The “Everyone” drop-down enables you to filter the project by user or resource. It also allows you to see only unassigned tasks:

The “Dates” drop-down enables you to filter the project based on when tasks are due, if they are in progress or overdue. It also enables you to view only milestones, not scheduled and completed tasks:

The “Colors” drop-down enables you to filter the project based on the color assigned to the task:

Check the box to hide completed items from view. A completed item is a task marked at 100% complete or a  milestone that has been checked off.

Simply uncheck to see them again!

You will know a filter is applied to your project when the color of the drop down changes and a prompt explains how many tasks are hidden from view:

To clear all applied filters, simply select  "(x) Clear":

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