Syncing Trello List Progress with TeamGantt

If you utilize lists in Trello to indicate the status of your card, you can now easily sync this to your TeamGantt project tasks with our Trello integration update. 

In addition, you can customize if a card should update its list based on the percent complete changing in TeamGantt. Magic! Here's how to set it up.

Open the Power-Up Settings

To get started, open the TeamGantt Power-Up Settings, by clicking on View in TeamGantt, and then Settings.

Specify List Percent Complete Settings

In the settings modal, determine what list(s) and percentages should be used to update the list. You have two settings for each list -- Percent Complete and Automatically Move Card

  • Percent Complete - TeamGantt will update the corresponding task's progress percentage to the specified amount whenever the card moves into that list.
  • Automatically Move Card - Works in reverse. If you check the option to enable for the list TeamGantt will move your task's corresponding Trello card into that list whenever the percent complete is updated to be greater than or equal to the specified value. Note, for this to work then you need to also provide a number in Percent Complete.  

For this board, the integration has been set such that there is no effect for  To Do, but when a task is updated to at least 5% in TeamGantt it will automatically move to the Doing column. Furthermore, if you manually drag the card into Done, TeamGantt will set the task's progress to 100%.

That's all there is to it! We hope this feature continues to help you and your teams crush your deadlines!

Have other questions about our Trello Power-Up? Just email! Or, check out one of our other articles about Trello: 

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