Task Colors

Colors enable you to customize TeamGantt to fit your organization's needs. Here are just a few fun ways you can use color to add some project jazz:

  • Distinguish between departments/teams (e.g., all Marketing Department tasks are purple)
  • Identify user assignments (e.g., all of John's tasks are blue)
  • Set priority level (e.g., all red tasks are urgent, green are low priority)

Let's take a closer look at how to assign and change task colors for better project organization. 

Changing a task color

You have 16 preset task colors at your fingertips in TeamGantt. There are 2 methods for changing a task's color. 

Method 1: From gantt view

Hover over the task, and click the color block icon that appears to the right of the task bar to select a new color.

You can also change the color of an entire task group with a single click. Simply hover over the task group line, and click the color block icon that appears to the right to change the color. 

Want to color-code a bunch of tasks that aren't grouped together? That's easy too! Here's how to change the color of multiple ungrouped tasks simultaneously:

  1. Click the the first task bar you'd like to change. 
  2. Hold Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows), and click another task. 
  3. Repeat step #2 until you've selected all the tasks to which you want to apply the new color. 
  4. Click the color block icon next to any task you've selected, and choose a new color.

Note: While you can change task colors all day long, it's not possible to change the color of a milestone.

Method 2: From the task's edit window

Double click the task bar to open up the edit window for the task. Then, choose a new color for the task by selecting a color block option: 

Assigning a default task color to a user or label 

To set a default color for each person on your team, select the  People tab at the top of your project, then click none next to the user/label you'd like to assign a color to.

Once you do this, each task you assign to that person or label will automatically be the color you selected. You can either assign the color to future tasks only or to both previously created and future tasks. 

What if more than one person's assigned to a task? In that case, the last person assigned to the task will determine the task bar color. Of course, you can change the task color manually anytime you want.

Note: Selecting a default task color from the People tab will only change the color of tasks for that selected project. 

Filtering by color

Want to filter your project view by color? Click the  All Colors drop-down menu at the top of your gantt or list view, and select the color filter(s) you'd like to apply to your chart.

Want more info about filters? You can learn more here

Note: It's not possible to change color names at this time.

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