Select the Days of the Week for Your Project

With TeamGantt, you have the flexibility to decide which days of the week you want to schedule project work. That way tasks don't accidentally get scheduled on an off day. You can choose to schedule tasks 7 days a week, on weekdays only, or even on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday rotation—whatever fits your project needs best. 

To customize the days of the week you want to appear in your gantt chart view, go to  Menu > Project Settings. This will open up your project details screen. 

Simply check the days you want to be able to schedule work for this project. Changes will save automatically as they're made. Click anywhere on your project/gantt chart again to close the project details screen.

Note: TeamGantt defines weekends as Saturday and Sunday. If weekends are displayed on your chart, they'll appear grayed out. But don't worry! It's still possible to add tasks on these days.

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