Trello - Sync Options

Watch the video below to learn about the various sync options you have with the TeamGantt Power-Up for Trello.

TeamGantt’s Power-up enables you to see your Trello cards in a beautiful project timeline, create 

The most common way to set up your sync is by syncing 1 Trello board to 1 TeamGantt project. 

To set this up, enable the TeamGantt Power-Up on your Trello board, and simply select the TeamGantt project you'd like to sync with. Newly created cards and tasks will automatically sync from one Trello board to a single TeamGantt gantt chart. Cards are synced immediately upon creation, and vice versa.

If you'd like to disable the auto syncing of your cards, select None  from Menu > Power-Ups > Enabled > TeamGantt > Edit Power-Up Settings > Sync with Project.

Alternative configurations

To get a custom high-level view of your projects, manually sync any individual card as a task to any TeamGantt project.

This can only be accomplished with a manual sync, but the benefit is that it gives you full control over when and where your cards are synced to TeamGantt. Since cards are not automatically synced upon creation, it allows you to finalize a card's details before syncing to TeamGantt.

To set up manual syncing, select None as your project when enabling the TeamGantt Power-Up on your board. Or you can do so after the fact from Menu > Power-Ups > Enabled > TeamGantt > Edit Power-Up Settings > Sync with Project > None. 

Here are some different options for manually syncing Trello and TeamGantt:

1. Cards from 1 Trello board to multiple TeamGantt projects

2. Cards from multiple Trello boards to a single TeamGantt project

3. Cards from multiple Trello boards to multiple TeamGantt projects


  • A card can only be synced to TeamGantt as a task on a single project. A single card can't be represented as two separate tasks (synced to multiple TeamGantt projects simultaneously).
  • With manual syncing, an individual task cannot be created in TeamGantt and synced to a Trello board. Only individual Trello cards can be pushed to TeamGantt.

Data that syncs between TeamGantt and Trello

Although the TeamGantt Power-Up for Trello is a great way to visualize your Trello board in a gantt chart format, not all data syncs between the two platforms. Here's the breakdown of what does and does not sync: 

  • Sync
    • Task name
    • Start/end date (if any)
  • Do not sync
    • Checklists
    • Attachments
    • Comments
  • Do not sync, but will be displayed in the Trello card
    • Dependencies
    • Resource assignment (labels)
    • Percentage completed

Note: Trello and TeamGantt can sync at the board to project level and the card to task level. Currently, there is no ability to sync lists to groups

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