Trello - Troubleshooting

Are you experiencing an issue with the TeamGantt Power-Up for Trello? If so, check the list below to see if there's a workaround that might help.

My TeamGantt project is not syncing with Trello.

Existing TeamGantt tasks that were created prior to syncing with Trello won't automatically sync to your Trello board. 

A workaround for pushing existing tasks to your synced Trello board is by duplicating the task/group of tasks and then deleting the originals from your TeamGantt project. Any duplicated tasks will be considered new tasks, and parallel cards will be created in Trello. 

I'm having trouble accessing my TeamGantt project via the Power-Up. 

Here are a few quick things to check!

1. It's pretty common to be invited to more than TeamGantt account (especially factoring in free trial accounts). Be sure that you're logging into the Power-Up with the same exact login credentials that you use to access that project in TeamGantt. 

2. You must be an Admin on the Trello board to manage the Power-Up. You can check this in your board's settings. 

3. If someone else created the project in TeamGantt and want you to be able to see it, they must invite you to the project. If you simply add the Power-Up to your board, you will not be able to see that specific project. 

How do I invite other people to my project? 

The Power-Up is user-specific, meaning that if you enable it on a board, the other users on your board will not automatically be able to see and access it. 

To get other users in the loop, you must first log into your account via There you can invite other people to your project in TeamGantt (here’s how). When you invite a person, we’ll send them an email to set up login credentials and access the project. 

Then, they must enable the TeamGantt Power-Up on the board in their account by adding the Power-Up and logging in with their sparkly new TeamGantt credentials. 

My cards are not showing up in my TeamGantt project.

When a card is sent to a TeamGantt project, an associated task is created for it, and the card in Trello should get an attachment representing the associated task. You should see the following card badges when the process works properly:

If those badges don't show up, try adding the card to a TeamGantt project manually by opening a card in Trello, and using the TeamGantt button in the card back sidebar.

If you get an error when manually sending a card to TeamGantt, consult the remainder of this guide for help, or reach out to us at for further support.

I got this error message: "TeamGantt was unable fetch the specified card from Trello."

If you see this error when trying to add a Trello card to a project in TeamGantt, it's the result of an invalid authorization token. Please reach out to us at, and we'll be happy to reset your token for you. If you've manually removed TeamGantt from the list of authorized applications in Trello, please include that in your support request.

Once that's done, you'll need to perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Trello Power-Up menu, and find the TeamGantt Power-Up.
  2. Select Remove Personal Settings from the Power-Up cog menu.
  3. Select Get started with TeamGantt from the top of the board, and sign into TeamGantt again.
  4. Open the Authorization pop-up, which grants TeamGantt access to update your Trello cards for you (for board/project sync).

We're working with Trello to understand the cause of these invalid tokens and to avoid the circumstances that lead to storing them.

I want to sync my board to a new project in TeamGantt.

Synced with the wrong project or finished one and ready to sync with the next? Here’s how to choose a new project to sync with.

  1. If you'd like to start with a blank slate —Log into your account at and create a new blank project. (If you’re on the Free version of TeamGantt, you can only have 1 active project at a time, so you’ll need to delete or mark your existing project as Complete first.)
  2. Go to the TeamGantt Power-Up settings and set the Sync With Project to "None".
  3. Select the Reset board link. 
  4. Choose a new project to sync with.


I want to sync my card to a different project in TeamGantt.

Each Trello card can only be linked to a single project in TeamGantt. If your card is already linked to TeamGantt but you want to link it to a different project, you'll need to remove the existing card link first. If you're syncing your entire board with a project and want to change the selected project, you'll need to unlink each card before the sync process sends it to the newly selected project.

You can remove the link between the card and project simply by deleting the associated task in TeamGantt. If you can't find the task, a simple way of doing this is removing the Remove... link at the top of the TeamGantt Task section on the card back. Note that this will delete the task in TeamGantt. You should then be able to sync the card to a project again.

I want to remove the TeamGantt Power-Up from Trello.

You can easily remove the Power-up from your board by going to Menu > Power-Ups in Trello, but note that this will only remove your ability to see TeamGantt card badges and editable task sections on your card back. It does not automatically disable syncing.

To disable syncing, start by opening the TeamGantt Power-up settings screen ( Menu > TeamGantt > Edit Power-Up Settings) and selecting None from the Sync With Project dropdown. This will prevent new tasks in your TeamGantt project from being added as cards here.

Additionally, you can revoke TeamGantt's access to your Trello boards by clicking on your profile image in Trello (top-right) > Settings > Applications, and clicking the Revoke button next to TeamGantt. This will prevent TeamGantt from automatically making any changes to your Trello cards on your behalf. If you're on a team, other team members may have to do the same to prevent data syncing.

If I copy a card in Trello, why isn't a new task created in TeamGantt?

The link to TeamGantt is stored as a card attachment. If you copy a card you are also copying the attachment. Therefore, copying the card will not create a new TeamGantt task. 

The way around this is to make sure that "Attachments" is deselected when you copy a card: 

My Trello card isn't showing the TeamGantt task details.

If your card is linked to TeamGantt (indicated by the presence of the badge icon on the card), but not showing any details when you open the card, it may be due to your browser's cookie settings.

If you see this (less the emoji):

Verify that,, and are allowed to store cookies on your browser. Some browsers, like Chrome, will allow you to enable all TeamGantt subdomains with [*.]

Here are some links to browser-specific articles on managing cookies. 

I can't set up the sync (using Safari).

There is a setting in Safari Privacy preferences that is blocking Trello from saving the cookies for the TeamGantt authorization. Its called "Prevent cross-site tracking" and it needs to be unchecked for the Power-Up to work. Try unchecking that, and see if it works!

Have other questions about our Trello Power-Up? Just email! Or check out one of our other articles about Trello: 

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