TeamGantt App for iOS

TeamGantt for iOS (iPhone)

TeamGantt for iOS lets you manage projects on the go. You can update projects and communicate with your team directly from the app.

TeamGantt for iOS

Downloading the App

To download the TeamGantt app:

  1. Search TeamGantt in the App Store.
  2. Select Get.
  3. Launch the TeamGantt app by selecting Open.

Getting Started

The TeamGantt app is a free companion app for your TeamGantt account. The app is ideal for updating projects and collaborating with your team. For full functionality, including creating new projects and updating account information, use our web app (

Once the app is downloaded, log in with your existing TeamGantt account credentials.

If you do not have an existing TeamGantt account, you can create one for free in the iOS app.

Navigating the App

Navigate through the app using the left sidebar menu.

My Tasks

The app’s default view is the My Tasks page. This page shows all tasks, across all active projects, that are currently assigned to you.


The Discussions page allows you to view and respond to active comment threads. You can toggle between discussions on all projects you are invited to (All Projects), discussions on tasks specifically assigned to you (My Tasks), and discussions on starred projects (Starred).

Start a new discussion on any of your projects by selecting the (+) at the upper right of the screen.


The app displays a list of all active projects that you are currently invited to. To view and update a project, simply select the project from the Projects list.

Your  permission level with each project is the same as in

Within a project you can:

  • Expand and collapse task groups
  • Add a new group of tasks
  • Update the task view to show as a percentage or a checkbox
  • Update the task view to hide completed tasks

Within a task you can:

  • Update task names
  • Assign existing people and resources to the task
  • Update % complete
  • Update task dates
  • Edit checklists
  • Leave comments
  • Change task colors
  • Delete tasks


Choose which Notifications you would like to receive from the app. Currently, the only notification available is Mentioned in Comments. We anticipate launching more notification types in the near future.

You can also choose to Logout from your TeamGantt account.


  • Can I view the project in a gantt or calendar view? 
    • Currently, a simple list view is the only way to view projects within the mobile app. To view your projects in a gantt or calendar view, log in to your account via
  • Do I have to pay for the app? 
    • Nope! The TeamGantt companion app is completely free and can be used with any free or paid TeamGantt plan.
  • Can I update a project’s status from the app? 
    • At this time, project status (Active, On Hold, or Complete) has to be updated using
  • Can I update my account from the app?
    •  Updating Account Settings, such as adding/managing users and updating billing information has to be done using
  • Will the app automatically sync changes to
    • Yes! All changes made in the app are reflected in real-time on This is also true for projects that are integrated with Trello or Basecamp 2.
  • How do I change a task’s color?
    • To change a task’s color, open the task and select “…” from the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Can I upload documents to tasks within the app?
    • Currently, the app does not support document uploads. However, you can view any document within the app that was uploaded via
  • How do I set dependences?
    • At this time, dependencies can only be viewed and added to tasks using
  • How do I access Advanced plan features from the app (time tracking and hourly estimation)?
    • Currently, the Advanced plan features are not available in the app. We anticipate adding these features at a later date.
  • How do I view Availability from the app?
    • The best way to view team availability is within

Have more questions about the TeamGantt app? Reach out to the Customer Success Team any time by emailing!

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