Project Health Report

When you’re in charge of multiple projects, it’s nice to know everything’s on track without having to dig through a bunch of reports. That’s why we think you’ll love TeamGantt’s Project Health report.

The Project Health report saves you time and effort by providing an easy snapshot of every active project you oversee.

With the Project Health report, you can:

  • Quickly identify problem areas and address risk as work progresses
  • Share it on screen in meetings to keep your team or other stakeholders up-to-date

Let’s take a closer look.

How the Project Health report works

The first thing you’ll need to know is where to find your Project Health report.

The Project Health report is available for users at the manager permission level. To access it in your TeamGantt account, simply click  Reports in your left sidebar menu. Then select Project Health from your list of available reports, and you’re in

Now let’s break down the pieces and parts of the report itself. Here’s what you’ll find for each project listed on the Project Health report.


You’ll see a percentage to the right of each project name. This number represents total project completion so you know how close each project is to being done.

Health Status

We break each project down into 3 different health status levels: Ok, Behind, and Overdue. Simply click on the colored dot to pull up a list of the tasks for each level. 

Here’s what each health status means:

  • Ok: Give these tasks a hearty pat on the back! The green light tells you these tasks are either ahead of deadline or right on schedule.
  • Behind: You’ll see a yellow caution light for tasks that are running behind schedule. There’s still time to meet the deadline, but you’ll have to rally to get ‘er done.
  • Overdue: Red tasks have missed the deadline and need your attention to keep any issues from bogging the whole project down.

Project Timeline

The timeline feature provides a quick view of a project’s overall scope and start and end dates. You’ll also find an easy visual marker of where you stand today as far as work done and time remaining before deadline. You can click on a colored section to see a list of tasks that fall into that health status category.

Heads up: We just launched Portfolio view on our Advanced plan! Portfolio view allows you to organize projects with folders and view Project Health Report data inline. If you have any questions about the feature or would like to trial it, email us at

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