Exporting Your Project: Gantt, List, & Calendar Views

TeamGantt gives you 3 options for viewing projects:

  • Gantt view
  • List view
  • Calendar view

Gantt view will always be the default view when opening a project. You can find the other view options in the top navigation bar of your project: 

Gantt view

Gantt view is the default view for your project. This view allows for easy drag-and-drop scheduling and is the go-to for project planning. It's also the only view where you can see team availability information. 

To export a project's gantt view to PDF, go to Menu > Print/Export PDF. (Learn more about PDF options and customizations.)

List view

List view displays your project details in list format. This easy-to-read option is great for meetings and project review and is the only view that displays start and end date columns for each task. 

To export a project's list view to PDF, go to Menu > Print List View.

Calendar view

Calendar view displays your project data in a calendar format. This view is ideal for seeing how tasks stack up on a particular day, week, or month. You can see previous and upcoming months by toggling the This Week filter at the top of the calendar.

Currently, there's no built-in TeamGantt option for exporting or printing a project's calendar view. But you can print the calendar view using your browser's Print function. In Chrome, be sure Background graphics under the More settings drop-down is selected.

Note: List and Calendar views are only available on our 30-day trials and paid subscriptions. They're not currently available on the Free plan.

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