Team Availability

Video Overview:

You can easily view how many tasks (or hours) a person or resource is assigned to on any given day by clicking the “View Availability" button in the bottom right.

When you click, “view availability," you will see a view pop up. Within this view, you can view either the number of tasks or estimated hours assigned to a user or resource on any given day. You can also choose to view task assignment in the current project or across all active projects.

* Tip: Click anywhere in a row to see a popup of all tasks assigned to that person across all projects.

Team Availability

Specifically designed for the Account Holder(s), is a team availability tab. From the left sidebar, you can access the availability of your team in days or hours. You can also hide completed tasks or users without assignment from the view.

Just as within your projects, click on a cell to see more about the tasks/hours assigned to a particular user or resource at any given time

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