Workloads was specifically designed for Account Holder(s) and can be accessed from the left sidebar in the Reports section. This enables you to see the availability of every user and resource on the account.

The drop-down options across the top of the Workloads page allow you to:

  • Choose to display workloads as number of tasks or hours
  • Toggle between day and week view
  • Filter out users without assignments and tasks that have already been completed

The Workloads page works just like a project's View Availability window. Click on a cell to see details about the tasks/hours assigned to a particular user or resource at any given time.


  • Any tasks shown as Private are simply tasks that exist in projects you're not invited to.
  • Workload updates in real time! Simply drag and drop an assigned task to a new date in the gantt chart to see how it affects your team's workload. 

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