Manage Teams

Group users—by department, client company, office location, and more—with our Teams feature. 

Teams allows you to:

  • Manage project access for multiple users at once 
  • View all your teams’ tasks across projects
  • Easily onboard and offboard users by adding/removing them to/from multiple projects at once
  • Easily transition people to a different team if there are changes at your company

Accessing Teams

This feature is available on all free and paid plans. However, only users with Account Holder permission can view and manage teams on your account. 

Using Teams

Add and Manage Teams

If you’re an Account Holder, you can manage teams by clicking your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen in TeamGantt. Then select Account Settings > Manage Teams.

To create a new team, click the blue Create team button, then give your team a name. You might create teams for departments within your organization, team locations, temporary or external users, or even client groups.

Here are all of the team management options that are accessible from the 3-dot menu:

  • Edit Team: This allows you to add or remove users from your team.
  • View Team Calendar: This displays all your team’s tasks in Calendar view so you can get an easy look at your team’s current and upcoming tasks. 
  • Delete Team: This removes the team from your account. (However, it does not delete the users from your account.)

To add users to your team, click the blue Add People link at the bottom of your team. (Or click the 3-dot menu at the upper right, then choose Edit Team.)

A new window will pop up enabling you to add or remove users from the team. The left side of the window enables you to search for a user or select one from the list of available users, while the right side shows you everyone who’s currently assigned to the team. 

To add a user to a team:

Click the blue arrow next to a person’s name from the list on the left. When a new user is added to a team, they’re invited to all projects assigned to that team. This is a super-fast way to get new people on every applicable team project!

Users can be added to multiple teams at once. Guest users cannot be added to a team.

To remove a user from a team:

Click the gray X next to a user’s name from the list on the right. Removing a user from a team uninvites them from all projects assigned to that team, making it easy to offboard team members quickly. (Note: This does not remove them from the account.)

Invite Teams to projects 

Now that you have a team, you can invite them to a project by opening the project and navigating to the People page.

Inviting a team

From the People page, click the Invite People button, and select the team from the drop-down that appears. Each team listed in the drop-down will show the team’s name on the left and the people assigned to the team on the right

When a team is added to a new project, everyone on that team will receive an email notification. 

Note: Right now, you can only add teams to projects and project boards. This feature isn’t available yet in custom boards.

Setting team permissions

Next, you can set a project permission level for the team. This is an easy way to apply permissions to the entire team. 

If a user has been invited to the project individually or belongs to another team that’s been added to the project, they will get the highest possible permission available to them.

For instance, let’s say Sarah is on the Marketing team, which has a “View Only” permission level on Project A. If Sarah has also been invited to this project individually and assigned “Edit chart” permission, she would default to an “Edit chart” permission level on Project A.

Assigning team members to tasks

Assigning teams to tasks isn’t currently supported in TeamGantt. When you click the Assign People link for a task, all of a team’s users are individually listed and available for assignment. 

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