Workload in a Project

View workload within a project

In TeamGantt, you can easily view how many tasks (or hours, if your account is on our Pro or Unlimited plan) a person or label is assigned to on any given day. Simply click the Workloads tab in the bottom right of the gantt chart. This feature is available on all paid plans and premium trials.  

The  Workloads window will expand, showing you all users and labels that have currently been invited to the project. Each colored cell represents a calendar day, and the number within the cell is the number of tasks (or hours) assigned to the user or label on that day. As a user or label gets busier, the cell will get darker. Think of it like your very own workload heat map! 

You can choose to view: 

  • The number of tasks or estimated hours assigned to a user or label on any given day
  • Task assignments in the current project only or across all active projects

Select any cell to see a popup of all tasks assigned to that person or label on that particular day:


  • Workloads updates in real time! Simply drag and drop an assigned task to a new date in the gantt chart to see how it affects your team's availability. 
  • Any tasks shown as Private are simply tasks that exist in projects you're not invited to.

Want to see this same view but for all users and labels on the account? If you're a Manager, you can see it in the Workloads tab!

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