Creating a subgroup

Do you like to get super-detailed with your projects? You're in luck! TeamGantt makes it easy to create subtasks or subgroups so you can keep everything nicely organized. Here's how to take advantage of this nifty feature:

1) Hover over the task you'd like to create a subgroup for.  
2) Click the 3 dots icon that appears to the right of the task name. 
3) Select Convert to SubGroup.

Let's take a closer look by converting the tasks "Flesh out design" and "Create videos + media" into subgroups of "Site Development + Testing." 

Here, you can see how creating multiple subgroups within the same group helps you organize tasks and add structure to your project:

Watch this video to see how you can use TeamGantt's drag-and-drop features to organize your subgroups:


Nesting groups and subgroups via the Edit window

So what if you've laid out your project plan and want to move a group of tasks up under another group? We call that nesting, and it's easy to do! Here's how it works:

1) Hover your cursor over the group or subgroup you'd like to nest, and click on the pencil icon to open the Edit window for the task group.

2) Locate the  Parent option, and select the group or subgroup you want to organize this group under. In this example, we're nesting the group "Site Development + Testing" under "Wireframes + Site Architecture

3) Hit Done to save the changes. 

Now, the "Site Development + Testing" group is a subgroup nested under the "Wireframes + Site Architecture" group:

Converting a subgroup to a group (outdent)

If your project changes or you need to remove your subgroup/subtask, you can use the Outdent feature to adjust tasks. Simply follow these steps:

1) Hover over the subgroup title. 
2) Click the 3 dots icon that appears to the right. 
3) Select Outdent.

Let's say you decide to convert the "Flesh out design" and "Create videos + media" subgroups back to standalone task groups in the example below. 

Here's how that would look after you outdent them:

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