Establishing Sync with Basecamp 2


One of the many features and benefits of TeamGantt is its ability to integrate and sync your Gantt chart with your Basecamp 2 projects. This integration enables you to easily transfer projects and information from the Basecamp "To-dos" format to the Gantt chart in TeamGantt. Once integrated, "To-dos" in Basecamp 2 will automatically update as you add, remove and reschedule tasks in TeamGantt. Similarly, "To-dos" added in Basecamp 2 will appear in TeamGantt.

For an overview of the Basecamp 2/TeamGantt integration, please visit:

( Please note: TeamGantt integrates with Basecamp 2 and does not integrate with Basecamp Classic, Basecamp 3 or other programs).


To Integrate your Basecamp 2 account with TeamGantt, you will need to do the following: Log into TeamGantt and go to: Account Settings > Integrations > Link your Basecamp projects to TeamGantt.

If you are not already logged into your Basecamp account, you will be prompted to log in:

Once you are logged into Basecamp, you will need to allow TeamGantt to access your Basecamp 2 account:

After allowing access go to: Account Settings > Integrations > Manage Basecamp Projects.

Select which Basecamp projects you wish to sync with TeamGantt and select the information you wish to integrate. Currently, we support syncing To-dos and Calendar events, both of which will be synced to your TeamGantt project as tasks: 

Importing Users from Basecamp 2 to TeamGantt

For the sync between TeamGantt and Basecamp 2 to work properly, all users from Basecamp 2 should be imported to TeamGantt. This can easily be done at the time of establishing the sync. 

As part of the import, you will want to make sure you are syncing your Basecamp project to the right TeamGantt account. This is also the place in TeamGantt where you can set the project-level permissions for your users. (The default is always Can Edit Chart).

Select Import Project and your Basecamp 2 project will sync with TeamGantt with all of the appropriate users. 

Please note: Importing a user from Basecamp 2 to TeamGantt is inviting a user to TeamGantt. The import process will result in the new TeamGantt user receiving an invitation email.

Syncing a new TeamGantt project with Basecamp 2 at the time of creation

It is now possible to create a new project in TeamGantt and sync the project with Basecamp 2 all in one step! To do so, go to: My Projects > New Project > Create A New Project

From there, name your project and select your team’s account from the “Basecamp” drop down. 

(Please note: Your team’s Basecamp information will look different than ours!)

Select Create New Project and you’re all set!

Syncing an existing TeamGantt project with Basecamp 2

If you created a project in TeamGantt and wish to sync with Basecamp 2, please follow these steps: 

1) Create a new blank project in Basecamp 2 and sync it with TeamGantt. This will create a blank project in TeamGantt.

2) Open your existing project (the TeamGantt project you wish to transfer to Basecamp 2 and the newly created blank project in TeamGantt (at the same time).

(The below shows your projects prior to moving any information. Please note: top project is the project in TeamGantt you wish you sync with Basecamp 2. The bottom project is the “new” or “blank” project recently synced with Basecamp)

3) Take the tasks from the "old" project and drag and drop them into the newly created/synced project by moving tasks individually or groups together (See tips on moving and rescheduling multiple tasks here). The data moved into the newly synced TeamGantt project will now appear in Basecamp 2!


 - You must be an Account Holder or Advanced User in TeamGantt for this functionality to work properly

- TeamGantt does not currently sync with any other Basecamp version. Basecamp 2 is the only version that has an integration with TeamGantt. 

- Here is more information about troubleshooting and disabling the sync

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