Clear or Remove Filters from Your Project

Having trouble finding a specific task? Does it seem like your tasks just disappeared from your project?

Filters are a great way to sort and view your data. But they can make it look like recently made changes didn't save. This can feel frustrating or defeating when you've spent time updating your project.

If tasks or other project details aren't showing up as expected, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you're not accidentally filtering information you want to see out of your chart.

1. Remove filter by project status (In Progress vs. Complete)

When recently completed tasks appear to vanish, a good first step is to ensure the Hide Completed box in the top toolbar is unchecked. This will bring all tasks back to the chart, no matter their completion status.

2. Remove filter by people or resources

If Hide Completed is unchecked and your tasks still don't appear on your chart, you may be filtering your project by people or resources. To ensure you're viewing your full project with no filters applied, click on the People/Resources drop-down, and either uncheck the selected members or click Clear filters and show everyone.

3. Remove filter by dates

Projects can also be filtered by dates. To ensure you're viewing your project's full date range, click the Dates drop-down, and select All Dates.

4. Remove filter by task colors

Is your project only displaying certain task colors? To remove task color filters, simply click on the Colors drop-down, and select Clear filters and show all colors

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