PDF Options and Customizations

Export your project to a PDF

Exporting your project to a PDF is one of the primary ways that you can share your project with others

To export your project to a PDF file, navigate to your project's Menu and select Print/Export PDF from the drop-down. 

PDF Settings

One of the many features and benefits of TeamGantt is its highly customizable export to PDF option. When exporting to PDF you have the option to customize everything from the paper size and orientation to how resources, dependencies and tasks appear within the PDF. 

If you input information in a different language using symbols, you can adjust the Face located under Font Settings.

Advanced Options

To view additional options, select “Show Advanced Options.” These additional personalizations enable you to adjust the width of your task column (by adjusting the task details width to large or extra-large), which is helpful when your task names are cut off in the export. You can also alter printed date format and choose the date range of the project you wish to print.

Tip: TeamGantt will auto-zoom your PDF to fit within one exported page. If you need to “zoom in” to your project or “zoom out”, we recommend adjusting the font size or printing your project in multiple “phases” by leveraging the date range feature. 

For example, page one may encompass January-June and page two may encompass July-December to view a year-long larger project in more detail. 

Note: The indication that your PDF is a SAMPLE shows while in trial mode. It will disappear upon purchasing a subscription to TeamGantt. 

Adding a company logo to your PDF

To upload your personalized logo to your exported TeamGantt projects, the account holder can go to Account Settings > Company Details:

Under Company Settings, you can select to upload a JPG, PNG or GIF file of the desired logo:

Once this information has been saved, your logo will appear on the top, left side of the project when exported to PDF. 

Note: This feature is only available if your account is on a paid subscription. 

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