Embed your Projects

Whether it's for a client meeting or public presentation, you may want to share a TeamGantt project with a person who has not been invited to your project. 

Projects can be set up to give non-TeamGantt users a read-only version by:

  • Embedding using Javascript or iFrame
  • Sharing a view-only URL 

How to embed a project

1) Open the project
2) Go to:  Menu > Embed
3) Check the box next to your project name, and a public key will automatically populate
4) Set your preferred preferences. (This is where you can customize what the viewer of the link will see).

5) Choose either an iFrame or URL.

  • To test your view-only URL, copy the URL of the Gantt chart, open an incognito window, and paste the URL onto the address bar. Hit Enter to view your project.  
  • Share multiple projects on a single URL by first opening multiple projects in gantt view. Then, copy the URL from Menu > Embed. Be sure that all projects are selected. 

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