Disabling Sync with Basecamp 2

When you no longer want changes in Basecamp to change the corresponding project in TeamGantt, or vice versa, you'll need to turn off the sync between the two programs. 

Please note: If you disable the sync between a Basecamp project and a TeamGantt project, there is no way to re-establish the sync between the two. Syncing the Basecamp project again will create a new project in TeamGantt.

The following steps will allow you to disable the sync:

1. Go to Account Settings > Integrations > Manage Basecamp Projects.

2. Find the project(s) you wish to un-sync and select “Turn off Sync”.

Once the sync has been turned off, changes in TeamGantt will no longer affect your project information in Basecamp and changes in Basecamp will not affect your project information in TeamGantt. 

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