Update Your Project's Status

Only a project's Admin(s) can change the status of a project.

Project Status Options

  • Active - This is the default status of any project which is currently in progress. 
  • On Hold -  If a project is stalled or postponed, it may make sense to place it “on hold” to temporarily stop daily communications until activity on the project has once again resumed. On Hold projects count towards the total number of projects on your account. 
  • Complete - When a project is finished, this archives a view-only version of the project. A completed project can be retrieved by simply changing the status of the project back to Active.

Update a project's status

As the Admin of the project, there are two ways to change the status of your project. 

Method #1: From the My Projects page

From My Projects, hover over the project and select the Options drop-down to the right of each project name. 

Method #2: From Inside the Project

Change the status by simply going to Menu > Project Settings > Status

Choose Active, On Hold, or Complete from the Status drop-down menu. 

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